HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENTAL (HSE) POLICY We, at Elevate Projects Pvt. Ltd., are committed to provide safe & healthy workplace and to take adequate measures to prevent Environmental pollution for its activities & services, so far as reasonably practical. To prevent any untoward incident / accident and ill-health to all employees, contractors and other stakeholders, Elevate Project’ Top Management recognize HSE management as one of the top priority for sustainable organisational growth. To achieve these the company will, Incorporate HSE consideration in all business decisions and operations of the organisation Promote awareness among its employees & contractors to develop a positive HSE culture Provide information; impart training & instruction to its employees and contractors to ensure HSE requirements at job-sites including emergency & crisis management Maintain equipment, office & job - site condition through optimal utilisation of resource that minimise or (and) eliminate occupational Health Safety & Environmental risk. Ensure contractors/suppliers are meeting the Elevate Project’s health and safety standards Optimise Waste generation and encourage resource conservation and/or recycling Offer energy efficient / renewable energy solutions to the client where possible Periodically review health and safety performance of the organisation by business heads and ensure corrective actions are initiated. We believe, communication, consultation & collaboration with all employees and stakeholders and accountability at different level, shall uphold the principles of this policy. All employees shall support the implementation of this management policy through – using the safety equipment issued to them, familiarising them with the safety rules/ procedures of the organization and by enforcing appropriate corrective measures if violations are reported at site. The company with the coordination of all employees will endeavor for continual improvement in implementing HSE management & performance. Elevate Projects Pvt. Ltd, will implement this policy, in combination with Safety, Health Regulations, standards and codes of practice of our customers, in accordance with the applicable statutory requirements.